Passover Seder Bingo Game

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  • 6 laminated bingo boards (4.4" x 5.5")
  • 1 perforated sheet with 5 letter cards and 25 picture cards
  • 100 paperboard matzah chips
  • Game Set Up The first time you play, punch out the picture and letter calling cards from the perforated card sheet. Put all the picture cards in one bowl and put the five SEDER letter cards in a separate bowl. Each player gets a handful of Matzah chips and a bingo board. One of the players is designated as the Caller. Players decide whether the Caller plays with or without a bingo board.
  • Game Play: The Caller picks both a letter and a picture card, and shows all the players both the letter and the picture. Players look at their boards, find a column with a matching letter on top, then try to find a matching picture in that column. If they have a matching picture in the correct column, they cover it with a Matzah chip. The game continues until at least one player gets a row of Matzah chips on his bingo board (cross, down or diagonal). The player then calls out "SEDER!" to signal that they've won.


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